Monday, September 13, 2010

Make More Money - I Want it ALL!

I Want it ALL!

Another day, another dollar … you wake up early in the morning and what do your first thoughts go to? Hmmm … dragging yourself out of your warm bed, wandering into the bathroom then on to the kitchen for a quick cup of coffee and then on to the daily grind … a job that you may or may not really enjoy. Sure, you have to work to earn money … trading your time for dollars … that is what you were trained to do … that is what all your family and friends do … they are all in the same rut. It is comfortable … you all get together on the weekends and complain about it … but what if you want more? What if you have a dream?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to take time out of your schedule to enjoy an exotic vacation with your family … or how about drive a car that not only doesn’t break down, but reflects your personality … it might be a Mercedes, or it might be a Ferrari. Maybe you have only dreamed about working from home where you have the flexibility to take the time to play with your kids or perhaps you want to take the whole darn day off without a “boss” looking over your shoulder. How cool would that be?

I don’t know about you, but I want to make more money ... I want it ALL!

If you could find a way to own your own low cost business franchise that could make this a reality for you … would you want this information?

What if this company had nutritional products that were not only robust and cutting edge, but had gone through the rigorous clinical trials that allowed them to be included in the Physician’s Desk Reference, the PDR? This is a business owners dream come true ... products that you can discuss with your personal doctor and in addition, never having to convince a customer that your company’s latest “beetle dung” face mask from the rain forests is the latest and greatest thing to come along. Honest products that honestly work … this is what I am talking about.

A weight loss product that the company feels so strongly about that they pay YOU to lose weight once you enter their weight loss challenge … many people have won these challenges and reaped the benefit … not only did they lose tremendous amounts of weight, but prizes of $5,000 to $15,000 were won! I know a significant number of people that would be motivated by that.

Energy drinks are the rage around the world … they are powerful and sexy products to market … the only issue being some of the “bad for your health” ingredients that many contain ... like a boatload of caffeine and sugar, not to mention a ton of calories ... YIKES! What if your company marketed a safe, natural ingredient, low calorie energy drink that tasted great? How exciting would that be? Do you think that is something you could introduce to your friends?

We are a strong team of experienced marketers looking to add a few motivated members to our “tribe”… not everyone will qualify, but if you do, the rewards will be many. In addition to all the benefits and payouts from the company in your new business franchise, we are running our own incentives to sweeten the deal through the end of September … things like 1 to 2 weeks FREE in the Bahamas or Florida … think about that next time you pull on your long john’s … LOL!

Are YOU ready to take charge of your life and thumb your nose at this “crappy” economy?